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You Need Us, You Just Don’t Know it Yet

American Solar & Roofing is an essential service to Arizona residents. Americans are watching the news and seeing that state by state, country by country, leaders are deciding that “shelter in place” is critical to stop the spread of COVID-19. So now what? Shelter in place is forcing us to slow down and look around. You make a cup of caffeine or an herbal tea because these times can feel a little unnerving, and wander through the house or really look at your power bills. As you stroll and scroll, you see some serious ceiling damage or an increase in your power bill and realize something is wrong. At this moment, you hope the tradespeople at American Solar & Roofing will answer the phone and will help you out. A roof leak will not keep your toilet paper dry and higher power bills will take away from your budget when you need to fill a prescription or buy more groceries.

Here is the good news, American Solar and Roofing served Arizonans right after 9-11 and during the 2008 financial crisis, so we know how to show up when you need us the most. We are dedicated to providing quality craftsmanship work in a calm and supportive manner. We are always devoted to safety and understand how to keep you dry and energized through a sound roof and electricity through an efficient solar system. When a crisis happens, we have a tendency to move into a state of fear, our brains are wired this way. But as you know, fear is not a place we need to be. It’s time to focus on getting your home back into “shape”. It may be time to look into our battery storage solution, which allows you to store solar energy during times of need. If you ever have a solar or roofing problem, we will be here for you.

So, at some point, you will need us. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but after another storm or when your solar system needs maintenance, you will need us. You need us to maintain our business through today’s crisis because monsoon season will soon arrive, and you will likely need us then. When you want to control your energy even more and want to upgrade or expand your solar system, you will need us. As the oldest solar electric company and the only solar electric company with a roofing license, we are an essential service to our customers, those who no longer have their solar provider, and all Arizona homeowners.

If you want to check in on your solar production, you can call your utility provider or log into your inverter portal. If you have questions at any point, call our office at 480-994-1440 and we will guide you to an answer.

If you want to learn more about battery storage, solar, or roofing, you can receive a quote by clicking here.

Just like the Rosie the Riveter movement, women showed up when America needed them, and we will show up when you need us. This isn’t a time for fear and stricken panic, it’s a time for logical planning and future preparation.

-Joy Seitz, CEO


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