When You Put Up Your Holiday Lights, Check Your Roof!

Checking the integrity of your roof is crucial for your home’s safety. If you have chosen to hang some holiday lights this year, why not check your roof too!? You can use this handy 5-step checklist as a guide and ensure your roof is safe this holiday season.

If you see any of these issues, or wish to skip the hassle and have us do a roofing evaluation for you, fill out the form at the bottom of this checklist. When the holiday season ends, this is a perfect tool to check your roof when you take down your lights too. American Solar & Roofing will keep your home safe and secured this holiday season and for years to come!


#1 Do you see debris on your roof?

First, go outside and walk around the perimeter of your home. You can do this while you prep to put your lights up! Do you see any leaves or debris sitting on your roof? This debris can build dams creating areas for water to sit and cause damage to your roof.


#2 Do you see any cracked or missing tiles?

If you have a tile roof take a minute to check if you see any tiles cracked or missing. This is a perfect time to check, while you’re putting up your lights. If you do have any cracks or missing tiles, this is allowing rain to directly infiltrate your underlayment. This is huge and is putting your roof at it’s most vulnerable to getting a roof.


#3 Do you see any damaged shingles?

Use this step if you have a shingle roof. While you’re putting your lights up, check the quality of your shingles. Do you see any significant granule loss, flipping of edges or missing shingles? If you notice your shingles are shiny this could be a sign of damage as well.


#4 Do you see damaged or cracked wood?

You should be finishing up your lights now and heading back inside. Take a moment to look at the edges (or eaves) and underside of your roof. If you see water stained or cracking wood, that’s a sign that you need a roof inspection.


#5 Do you see ceiling stains or leaks?

As you head back inside, check your home’s ceiling. If you see any discoloration, cracks or bubbling, that can be a sign that water is pooling on your roof and could be causing serious damage.


Now it’s time to celebrate because your lights are up and you have inspected your roof! Remember to utilize this checklist when you take down your Christmas lights after the holidays too. If your roof passed the checklist, you’re roof is probably safe! If you have any concerns, or your roof did not pass any of the 5 steps, please fill out this form or give us a call for an inspection.  Remember the lifespan of a roof is 12-17 years and we are here to help!


Let us know you’re in need of a Roofing Consultation!

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