What to Expect During your Solar Project

At American Solar & Roofing, we are all about transparency and preparing our customers for what to expect during this time. Below are all of the steps we go through to make sure you’re getting the solar system of your dreams! Every project is engineered and designed specifically for you, so the details of these steps may vary slightly. Remember, we are putting a power plant on your roof! Our company prides itself on not cutting corners and giving you the best product and service possible.

All time frames are estimations and depend on the project size and customization’s.



1. Pre-Construction Meeting

Begins: within 7 days of contract being signed
Duration: 1 day

The very first step once the contract is signed is the Pre-Construction meeting. Here, our Project Manager will meet with you at your home to go over the entire project to confirm all of the details you discussed with your Sales representative. This includes the system design, details and any added features you requested. Our Project Manager will check out your roof and electrical panels to ensure there is nothing further we need to prepare for construction. This also will give you the chance to ask any questions before construction begins and gives our staff a chance to let you know what the entire process will look like.



2. Design & Permitting

Begins: within 10 days after Pre-Construction meeting
Duration: 2-4 weeks depending on permitting approval


Once the Pre-Construction meeting is over, our Engineers get to work custom-designing your system and making any final tweaks that are requested. At this time, our office is also taking care of all of the paperwork needed to make sure your system is cleared through the proper authorities. This can include special permits (depending on where you live), utility coordination and HOA requirements. This can feel like a long and quiet process, but you can be rest assured our team is working hard to get everything permitted and ready for you.



3. Construction

Begins: within 2-6 weeks after Design & Permitting begins
Duration: completely dependent on your system’s size.


Once all of the permits are approved, we get started on the really fun part- building your system! Construction is pretty straightforward, but one thing to remember is that your home will be an active construction site during this time. This means that any precious belongings in the area of construction should be temporarily moved. This can include cars, boats, planters, etc.. If you need any assistance moving things, please ask our installers or our Project Manager on site. They would be happy to help!



4. Final Inspection

Begins: within 24 hours of Construction completion
Duration: 2-3 hours


We pride ourselves on providing the best product, service and craftsmanship. To ensure these standards, our Field Leadership or Project Manager will perform a quality assurance check before we leave your home to make sure everything is done correctly and up to code. If you require any special inspections depending on where you live, these will happen here as well. Upon approval, a request will be submitted to your utility for activation.



5. Activation

Begins: dependent on utility
Duration: 24 hours


This is the end of your journey! Once the utility gives us the final go-ahead, we will activate your system so you can start saving money! We will follow up from here with a system orientation to give you all the final documents and brief you on the awesome things to expect from being a solar customer.  Remember, American is always here for you no matter what.


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