Is solar still a good investment?

Is solar still a good investment? Simple answer, YES!

When American Solar & Roofing was established in 2001, we were one of the only contractors focused on grid-connected solar electric systems. By 2011, AZ was home to approximately 300 solar installation companies, today there are only a handful of companies like American Solar & Roofing left. We are the original boutique installation company; we sell, design, install and service all of the solar electric systems we have sold. There are companies that sell. There are companies that design. There are companies that install. There are companies that service. We do it all and we have been doing it for almost 2 decades. With all of this experience and thousands of valuable customers, I have fielded many questions from customers.

The main question I hear from past customers is, “Is solar still a good investment? I went solar years ago, when all of the rebates existed, how can it still save the homeowner money and have a good ROI?” Simple answer, while rebates were going down so was the cost to go solar. We have kept prices competitive so AZ residents can still invest in solar.

When evaluating the investment cost of solar always consider the AZ State Tax Credit, buy back rates from the utility and the Federal Tax Credit. Note the Federal Tax credit will reduce slightly at the end of 2019. The buy-back rate for APS customers will reduce at the end of August. Solar is always a great investment but choosing this power option sooner rather than later is always a great decision.

So as you go through the process of choosing solar, know that American has been a trusted resource to thousands of people. We have served the stay-at-home mom, retirees on a fixed income, local TV personalities to deans of business schools. Solar is a great option for many and not enough people are looking into this investment – lets change that today.

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