What to Expect During your Roofing Project

At American Solar & Roofing, we are all about transparency and preparing our customers for what to expect during this time. Below are all of the steps we go through to make sure your roof is in tip-top shape!

All time frames are estimations and depend on the project size and customization’s.


1. Contract Signed

Begins: dependent on customer
Duration: 1 day


The very first step is signing your contract. This will occur after our Sales representative and Roofing Superintendent does an evaluation of your roof and provides you a quote on the work needed. Once you review the final details, you sign your paperwork and get on our calendar for construction!


2. Construction

Begins: varies depending on availability
Duration: 1-10 days depending on project size


Once the paperwork is signed, we get started on the really fun part- fixing or installing your new roof! Construction is pretty straightforward, but one thing to remember is that your home will be an active construction site during this time. This means that any precious belongings in the area of construction should be temporarily moved. This can include cars, boats, planters, etc.. If you need any assistance moving things, please ask our installers or our Project Manager on site. They would be happy to help! If you have a pool, we will secure a tarp over this area before construction so that it stays nice and clean.


3. Final Inspection

Begins: upon completion of project
Duration: 1-2 hours


We pride ourselves in providing the best product, service and craftsmanship. To ensure these standards, our Roofing Superintendent will perform a quality assurance check with you as a final step before we leave your home to make sure everything is done correctly and to your satisfaction. If you have any questions or see anything you would like corrected, feel free to bring it to the attention of the Superintendent at this time.


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