Is American Solar a real company?

We are a real company! But we have learned that a company overseas has been trying to pose as us to scam you!

American Solar & Roofing is not affiliated with any similarly named entities that use robo-calls or illegal and automated telemarketing tactics.

We are a small business that has been serving Arizona for over 22 years. We are customer focused and do not employ telemarketers. We do not make outbound sales calls to customers we do not already have a relationship with. And we will NEVER receive payment information over the phone.

We have been made aware of an overseas phishing scam of an entity with a similar name to ours. The scammers actions have led to unfavorable reviews about our services that have damaged our brand, which we are actively working to amend. We encourage you to leave a report with The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on their website. There you will also find resources and tips to Stop Unwanted Robocalls and Texts


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