Wouldn't it be nice to become your own energy provider?

Solar energy is changing the game in a big way. More and more homeowners are choosing solar panel installation to reduce their energy bills and to support a healthier, more sustainable environment. Keep scrolling to learn more on how solar works, how your own power plant will benefit your home, and how to get the highest quality solar installation in Arizona (hint: it’s by installing with us!)


Control your Energy

Now is the time to become your own energy provider and take back control of your
home. In the Arizona heat, electric bills keep rising and rising due to power company
price surges. You can officially say goodbye to overpaying your power company, and hello to more savings by choosing to go Solar!

Return on Investment

On average, our customers see a return on investment within seven years. Solar has
proven to save you money each month, while also adding value to your home. Solar
Panel Installation is a smart financial decision that will continue to put money in your pocket, and benefit your home for years to come.

Getting Ahead of Rising Temperatures

Solar power can drastically reduce smog and could reduce valley temperatures over
time. Your investment in your home is not only an investment in Arizona, but also an
investment in the future of the planet. As temperatures continue to rise, you want to make sure your home is prepared for the heat!

Roofing Company American Solar & Roofing Phoenix AZ


Solar just makes sense. And it makes even more sense to choose us. Here’s why.

The Original Solar Installers

We are the longest-running solar installers in Arizona with 23 years in business, officially opening our doors in 2001. Our founders blazed the trail and fought for legislation to ensure that our residents would have the right to choose solar. Our customers have been with us for decades, because we take it very seriously to be your solar energy company!

The Only Licensed Roofer

Let’s face it. No one wants a contractor monkeying around on their roof with no knowledge of roof construction. We set the standard by being the ONLY dual roofing contractor AND solar energy company. We do this to ensure that your home is protected and that your construction crew is one you can trust. That is a commitment you can take to the bank.

Technical Expertise and Innovation

To our knowledge, we are the only solar energy company and roofing contractor in Arizona with a Mechanical Engineer in the role of Chief Operations Officer. Our construction is gated community quality, and we innovate every day to leverage your investment and protect the integrity of your design/architecture. We have spent decades perfecting our craft, so that you can rest easy when your project begins!


All of our work comes with a 2 year workmanship warranty. Our solar panels have a manufacturers warranty. All of our inverters have a 10 year manufacturers warranty. We have chosen the best products with the best durability. Craftmanship is critical to us!

Years in Business
Happy Customers
Kilowatts Installed
Daily Savings



Our process begins with educating our customers. Our goal is to equip you with the necessary knowledge to make the right financial decision for your family. You’ll find we are a solar and roofing company unlike any other and will be there with you every step of the way of this process.

• Complete Guidance: We have a no-pressure, free consultative sales approach. Our team will take you on a journey and work with you to design the ideal solar or roofing project for your home. Our dedicated team will be with you throughout your entire project, ready to answer any and all questions you have as we celebrate curiosity and intentionality during this process.

• Unmatched Expertise: To our knowledge, we are the only licensed, bonded, and insured roofing contractor and solar energy company in Arizona. With over 23 years of experience, we have the expertise to provide solutions for your solar and roofing needs. We work with the top vendors and use only the finest materials for maximum performance and reliability.

• In-House: American Solar & Roofing is locally owned and based in Arizona. We’ve invested in building a prosperous future for Arizona communities by providing the power of investment to all Arizonans. Our employees are all W-2 and represent American Solar & Roofing. This ensures that from the front office, to solutions consultants, to project managers, to solar panel installers, and our roofing crew, that your solar and roofing project is always in our team’s capable hands.


To give you the best possible service, our team will ask about your home’s details. It’s best to have this information on hand for accuracy and efficiency.

What is your average kwh for the past 12 months?

Knowing your power usage will determine how big of a system you will need.

Not sure how to find your annual kwh?

You can log in online to your account or give your utility company a call to get a report sent to you. Our team is also happy to help you as you navigate this process, so feel free to call and ask any questions you may have.

SRP(602) 236-8888

APS(602) 371-7171


How old is your roof?

Knowing the integrity of your roof is going to be crucial for solar a new solar system. 

We will ask how old your roof is to determine how much work may need to be performed. Knowing how old your home is will also help us determine how your solar system will integrate with the rest of your home.

We may also ask the type of roof you currently have.

2024 Tax Credits Available

The federal solar tax credit allows you to claim 30% of your total new solar installation costs on your federal taxes. There is no maximum to the amount you can claim. This is currently the highest this tax credit has ever been historically, so the time to act is now.

The state tax credit is valued at 25% of the total system cost, up to a maximum of $1,000 in total. 


American Solar & Roofing Solar Panel Installation

To save you time (and a headache), we have found the best financing option for you, one that won’t leave you upside down! 

American Solar & Roofing is proud to partner with Steven Breault at Shoreham Bank.

He not only has the expertise in getting you the best home improvement loan for your roofing project, but he also understands how we work at American Solar & Roofing. When you choose your team, you want the experts on board and ready to assist you!

Ready to start saving and receive an impressive ROI by going Solar today?


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