Wouldn't it be nice to become your own energy provider?

Solar energy is changing the game in a big way. More and more homeowners are choosing solar to reduce their energy bills and to support a healthier, more sustainable environment. Keep scrolling to learn more on how solar works, how your own power plant will benefit your home, and how to get the highest quality solar in Arizona (hint: it’s by installing it with us!)


How solar works animation

1. Panels

Your solar panels collect the sun’s rays and convert them into direct current (DC) electricity. Solar panels – often called modules – are commonly rated with a number, which refers to their direct current (DC) output. American Solar & Roofing offers a couple of outstanding solar panel manufacturers and models, your Consultant will go over your lifestyle and suggest the best module for your home.

2. Inverter

The DC electricity flows into an inverter where it’s converted into usable alternating current (AC) electricity. American Solar & Roofing leads with one inverter manufacturer, SMA. SMA was founded in 1981 and is considered an expert in inverter and renewable energy technology. American only utilizes string inverters in comparison to micro-inverters, which can introduce more potential points of failure.

3. Meter

American Solar & Roofing will install a PV (photovoltaic) meter that is a required piece of equipment for solar homeowners. The AC electricity will enter your PV meter and be fed into your utility service entrance through your breaker box. The meter will be used primarily by the utility, to manage your production and consumption. Once we turn on your system, it will take about 30 minutes for your system to produce its first kilowatt of energy.

4. The Grid

Any excess electricity is then funneled back into the grid where you can either stock up electricity “credits” or get back money depending on your utility company. The grid will also send you electricity, if or when your home starts to use more energy than your solar system produces. This typically happens in the evenings, when your solar is off. On average, our customers see a complete return on investment within 7 years.


Control your Energy

Now is the time to become your own energy provider and control your electric bills. You can officially say goodbye to overpaying your power company!

Return on Investment

On average, our customers see a return on investment within seven years. Solar has proven to save you money each month, while also adding value to your home.

Getting Ahead of Rising Temperatures

Solar power can drastically reduce that smog and could reduce valley temperatures over time. Your investment in your home is an investment in Arizona.


Solar just makes sense. And it makes even more sense to choose us. Here’s why.

The Original Solar Installers

We are the longest running solar installers in Arizona with 20 years in business. Our founders blazed the trail and fought for legislation to ensure that our residents would have the right to choose solar.

The Only Licensed Roofer

Let’s face it. No one wants a contractor monkeying around on their roof with no knowledge of roof construction. We set the standard by being the ONLY roofing AND solar company. That is a commitment you can take to the bank.

Technical Expertise and Innovation

To our knowledge, we are the only solar and roofing company in Arizona with a Mechanical Engineer in the role of Chief Operations Officer. Our construction is gated community quality and we innovate every day to leverage your investment and protect the integrity of your design/architecture