SEIA- Board Member, Elected

Joy E. Seitz, CEO & Owner of American Solar & Roofing has been actively involved in solar advocacy for over a decade with successes that have advanced the industry. With the effect of climate change upon us and an elevated call for action, Joy is excited to be able to make a larger contribution to the advancement of solar through the SEIA Board of Directors. 

As CEO of a solar company based in Arizona since 2014, Joy has taken a level-headed approach to navigating the landscape of our industry while facing adversity due to major upheavals in the market. Joy knows the race is long and one of her strengths for enduring the ebbs and flows of solar policy is strategic thinking. Joy’s experience as a business leader involved in Arizona politics and policy for nearly 20 years will be an asset to SEIA.

Joy Seitz understands how to win any scenario. She has been involved in solar advocacy since 2009 and prior to working in solar, Joy worked as a lobbyist. She understands the power of money in politics, while also understanding the strategy of the win, even during these times. From large, multi-year rate cases to defeating unfriendly legislation to local level solar permitting issues, she has worked in all facets of the solar advocacy. 

Lastly, American Solar & Roofing was a founding member of The Solar Alliance, which merged with SEIA serval years ago. During the company’s time with The Solar Alliance, Joy served as the State Coordinator for Arizona.


"As a newly elected Board Member, I promise to come prepared and help advance our industry."


  • Joy has successfully defended DG solar deployment against multiple attacks from Arizona utilities in the 2010s, including attempts to add extraordinary surcharges on DG Customer bills that would have killed the DG market.
  • Rallied industry members and allies to quash multiple legislative attempts to dilute Arizona’s Renewable Energy Standard with difficult policy and legislative oversight.
  • Actively participated as an intervener in multiple Arizona utility rate cases in support of increased solar deployment, including utility-scale solar through programs like AZ SUN and Solar Partners.
  • Built report with policy makers and utility executives to advocate for utility-scale integration of battery storage.
  • Passion for Diversity. Joy will bring her experience of building a diverse organization to SEIA. As a female CEO, Joy proudly advocates for diversity in the workplace. Solar is a revolutionary technology and there is no reason why our industry cannot also revolutionize the way we bring solar to the grid in terms of a diverse workforce.
  • Arizona Democrat. Joy Seitz is a politically active Democrat in a state that will have a significant impact on upcoming national elections and solar policy advancement. Her network of elected officials includes many who currently serve at Federal, State and Local levels. She will utilize her influence with these officials to advance SEIA’s goals and objectives – both locally and nationally.

  • Determination. As CEO of a solar company, Joy understands that great advocacy and policy development are needed for our industry to thrive. It takes determination and strategy to endure the policy development cycle and Joy has first-hand experience in this arena.


  • Mayor Corey Woods, City of Tempe
  • Steve Zylstra, Arizona Technology Council, President & CEO
  • Kendra Hubbard, Hyundai, Senior Sales & Marketing Manager – Western Region
  • Andrei Cherny, Aspiration, CEO & Co-Founder
  • Senator Kyrsten Sinema, U.S. Senator, Arizona (click here for consideration letter)
  • Adam Browning, Vote Solar, Founder
  • Scott Canada, McCarthy Building Companies, Solar Preconstruction Director

Arizona State University, BS Finance


Current Board Member, City of Phoenix-Development Advisory Board

Current Board Member, City of Phoenix-Fire Safety Board

Past President, AriSEIA

Past President, ASU Alumni Association – School of Global Management & Leadership

Past Board Member, Arizona Roofing Contractors Association

Past Board Member, Arizona Coalition to End Sexual and Domestic Violence