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Solar Panel Installer In Scottsdale, AZ

Having solar panels installed in your home will provide you with better energy efficiency, lower utility costs, and increased home value. American Solar And Roofing offers solar panel installation for homes in Scottsdale, AZ, and surrounding areas. We are the top solar panel installer in the state since we are the longest-running solar installation business in Arizona. We opened our doors in 2001 and have been providing quality solutions for over 23 years.

Why Hire A Professional Solar Panel Installer

Completing a DIY project can be very fulfilling, but installing solar panels is not a task that should be completed on your own. Installing solar panels has a lot of complicated mechanisms that need to work together in order to keep them efficient. Working with a professional will eliminate the risk of panel damage, injuries, and scorching roof temperatures. 

When wires and technology is not implemented properly, there will be damaged panels and weakened solar collection. If you want to lower your monthly utility bills and truly have an energy-efficient home, you should work with a trusted solar panel installer.

Other Services We Offer

In addition to solar panel installation, our team offers maintenance for your panels and roofing installation. By offering these services, we ensure that your home is protected in multiple ways. Our services will help preserve the integrity of your home by ensuring panels don’t damage your roof and your panels last for their entire lifespan.

Solar Panel Installer In Scottsdale, AZ

Scottsdale is just east of the state capital of Phoenix and is known for its higher-end spa resorts and golf resorts. It has a population of about 245,000 people. 


The Butterfly Wonderland is a one-of-a-kind experience where you can explore the species of the rainforest. Get up close and personal with butterflies, reptiles, and plants that inhabit rainforests across the globe. The Butterfly Wonderland also offers group events like field trips, corporate events, and more. The sanctuary offers many visually stunning picture spots as well. 


The Desert Botanical Garden shows visitors that the desert is more than just dirt and tumbleweeds. With 55 acres to explore, The Deser Botanical Garden is a popular place for photos, family outings, field trips, corporate events, and more. The garden also offers discovery camps and flashlight nights for younger children. 


Old Town Scottsdale is home to beautiful architecture, events, hotels and resorts, shopping, and more! Visiting Old Town will give you a glimpse into the Old West and how life was back then. The original schoolhouse, signage, and some storefronts are still viewable when in Old Town. You can also find the old saloon, Rusty Spur, which makes the town feel like the authentic West. There is something that everyone will enjoy when visiting Old Town Scottsdale.

Why Choose American Solar And Roofing?

American Solar and Roofing has been in business for over 23 years, which means we have worked on homes and businesses of all sizes and remedied problems of the largest complexity. We are the states top choice when you are looking for a solar panel installer in the Scottsdale area. Providing durable solar panels at the most affordable price is important to our company. 


Our team has training and insurance to give our clients peace of mind when hiring us for a service. Since Arizona homes see lots of sunlight, they can benefit most from having professional solar panels. If you are looking to improve your home while lowering your carbon footprint, reach out to us and get a custom quote!