You can go solar before you even move in.

Smart buyers understand the power of investing in the sun, both in terms of solar power they can count on and a roof that can endure the harsh summers and monsoon seasons of the Valley of the Sun. Smart home builders know they need a solar and roofing company they can trust. For more than 20 years we have successfully worked with home builders because we understand the value they wish to bring to their homeowners and the communities they build. Our exacting construction standards, coupled with our intense focus on aesthetics (we are the leader in tile roof and flat roof solar installations – engineering never overrides architecture – we understand the interplay between those two disciplines) we understand that preserving the architectural integrity of a home is just as important as the power it can generate. We speak your language, we have your same passion for quality and you can count on us to be here in another 20 years.

I AM A...




On top of the many benefits there are to going solar, homebuilder customers who install using American Solar & Roofing get an entire other level of perks. If you were ever considering adding solar to your home, the time to act is now.

We partner with your design team to customize a solution that’s right for your buyer and, where appropriate, your community.

We are not a nuisance contractor. We don’t come in and make life difficult for you. Our company has been installing solar system for over 20 years and our team members have the expertise. We are a highly technically proficient sub-contractor.

Our team is so proficient that we can walk a job site with you and strategize infrastructure build and be thoughtful about how it integrates into the aesthetics (including hiding as much of that infrastructure as possible).



Roll it into your Mortgage

While you’re already building your dream home, why not add in a feature that’s going to save you money and add value to your home- all for no immediate cost to you!



Premium Design at a Standard Cost

Because your home will already be under construction, home builder customers get all of our premium aesthetic features without the extra cost!


Convenience, Convenience, Convenience

Homebuilder customers get all the benefits without any of the hassle. You get a beautiful solar system and you don’t even have to deal with construction, noise, or workers on your property. Just move in and enjoy.




While you want a quality product that enhances the communities you build.

Imagine a construction concierge that guides you through the process and handles much of the legwork for you? Freeing you up to do what you do best is our goal. Leveraging your client’s decision to go solar has benefits for them, and for you.

Plus, we make it easy for home builders to realize the competitive advantage residential solar electric systems provide in any new community. Through our “Solar Made Simple” program, we provide you with professional staff to handle:

  • Sales training and marketing support
  • Plan set and engineering design
  • Local government permits
  • Utility applications
  • Trade coordination and quality control
  • Inspections and commissioning
  • Warranties and customer service

For information on how to partner with American Solar & Roofing, email