Goodyear is leading the county when it comes to Solar Energy, according to a new study, and most residents on average are saving $1,432 per year. American Solar and Roofing wants to help all Goodyear residents experience the benefits of harnessing the power of the Sun!

Save big on your energy bills, be in control of your own power, and make an investment on a system that will serve your home for decades to come by choosing American Solar and Roofing for your solar project in Goodyear. What do you get when you choose us for your solar panel installation?

  • We only use the best manufacturers when it comes to our solar products. We have perfected the best system that will get you the best output that will withstand the test of time. We use Q Cell solar panels for the best output and aesthetics, and SMA Inverters.
  • Service and Repair- If you ever have a question or error code with your system, American Solar and Roofing is ready to help! Our service techs are experts in Solar and on call whenever you need us.
  • Build and scale over time- Want to add more onto your solar project over time? We can do it all!
  • Personalized to your home- American Solar and Roofing is intentional about designing your system to flow with your home, not against. We sit down with you at your kitchen table to figure out the best placement of your array, as well as how much output you will need to fit your personal energy needs.

Join Goodyear in the solar revolution, and call us at 480-994-1440 to see how to get started on your Solar journey with us today!


solar panel installation and roofing company

A protected Roof is a protected home. Goodyear residents continue to choose American Solar and Roofing for their roofing needs and for good reason.

At American Solar and Roofing, we use the best craftsmanship for our roofs as well as the best products. We have partnered with Malarkey Roofing to provide edge-cutting technology when it comes to the materials used for your roof. Whether your roof is tile, shingle, wood, flat, or foam- we can do it all! 

By having a quality roof, you are ensuring protection from Goodyear Arizona’s elements, preserving your home’s integrity and structure, and getting a return on your investment when it comes to your home’s value.

Goodyear Residents are leaders in Solar, so you can rest easy knowing that if your project calls for both dual solar and roofing, we’ve got you covered! We are the ONLY dual solar and roofing company in Arizona, so that means you will never have the headache of having more than one contractor on your roof when you choose us.

Our team is able to do your roofing and solar project at one time so that your home is taken care of efficiently. Goodyear residents have continued to choose American Solar and Roofing as their roofing company for years, and that is something we are proud of.