Do You Have BP Solar Panels?

If you have BP Solar Panels (see images below) they are likely failing. Do not stress, because there is a Warranty claim process for you. American Solar & Roofing has a dedicated team who will work with you and BP to complete your warranty claim process, you will receive a Settlement Amount from BP and our team will install a brand new solar system for you, getting you the power you deserve. We can’t wait to get the process started with you!

To contact us and get started email or call (480) 994-1440.


Submit Your Claim

We will begin with a scheduled Zoom meeting to explain the process and to answer any of your initial questions. We will need to gather some information for your claim and will submit it through BP.

Approve Your Quote

Once we have BP’s Settlement Offer, we will build a custom quote based on your original system and any upgrades or customizations you want to make. This may be an ideal time to expand.

Upgrade Your System

Our professional team of installers will come and remove your old panels to be recycled with BP, repair the roofing system beneath, and install your new solar system.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Claim Submittal

How Long Does the Claim Submittal Process Take?

Typically it takes about 3 weeks to initiate your claim.

Will the Settlement Cover the Entire Job?

The settlement money you receive will cover the entire job or a portion of it. This depends on the size of your roof area, if you are expanding your solar system, and other specifics. Our BP Coordinator will be able to walk you through a complete pricing quote.

Also, if you file federal taxes in the US and in Arizona, you may qualify for additional Tax Credits, offsetting your total project cost.

Is There an Initial Investment?

BP will reimburse you for the deposit and majority, if not the entire cost of your project, with their settlement payment. (See Will the Settlement Cover the Entire Job? FAQ) There will be an initial deposit due at contract signing, and a final payment due at construction completion. There may be a carrying cost, before you receive your BP payment. 

When Will I Receive Payment from BP?

As soon as you have accepted BP’s settlement offer they will mail you a check for the first half of the settlement amount. The second half of the settlement amount will be sent when Waste Management has picked up the failed panels.

System Design

Can I Add More Panels and Expand My System?


What Will My New Panels Look Like?

Your new panels will be have the standard solar panel style. Here is a photo example of a standard solar install.

BP Warranty

Do I Need to Upgrade My Inverter?

It depends. Please speak to your AS&R Representative on your specific needs.


Do I Need To Be Home During Construction?

Yes. Or you will need a friendly neighbor to be at your home.

How Long Will it Take to Complete My Project?

This will vary on the Construction schedule and the size of your project. The average project timeline is about one full day for the panel removal, one day for roof work, and another full day for the panel reinstall. 

Who Will Dispose of the Old Panels?

Once you have received both checks from BP, the American Solar & Roofing team will pick up your BP panels and properly dispose of them.

Do I Need a Permit?

It Depends. Please speak to your AS&R representative regarding your specific needs. 


Or give us a call at 480.994.1440 or email