Why choose American Solar & Roofing Our Team AZ

Why choose American Solar & Roofing?

Why choose American Solar & Roofing to be your Solar and Roofing Installer? What makes us different?

Why choose American Solar & Roofing?

Who we are:

American Solar & Roofing began with a bold vision to radically change the way Arizonans thought about the energy they used. Founded in 2001, American Solar & Roofing was the first solar installer in our state and worked tirelessly to create the solar industry that exists today. We expanded by adding roofing to its portfolio services in 2008 and is now the only local licensed solar and roofing installer in Arizona. After 23 yrs. of business and perfecting our craft, there is no one more qualified and knowledgeable than our crew. The company was founded by engineers and visionaries who wanted to make clean energy accessible and do it the right way with the BEST products and craftsmanship!

At American Solar & Roofing, we want to empower anyone interested in Solar Energy or Roofing to have the education and knowledge to make an informed decision on their investment for their home. We commit to not only consumer protection and reliable/ work, but also a relationship for life!

What we do:

1.We are involved in every single part of your journey– so you will ALWAYS have support, every step of the way!

Have you ever made a big purchase, maybe the purchase of your new car, or that nice furniture you’ve been eyeing, and the Sales Rep is ALL about you before you buy, then VANISHES when your money is spent? We HATE that! From your first interest in a new solar system or new roof, to the point of needing an upgrade or your system checked after 20 yrs, we are here to help every step of the way and are never leaving your side!

How we do it:

Our team is dedicated to providing check-ins, superb customer service, and the peace of mind that you need for your home to run smoothly. Our project managers directly update you on every step of construction, and make sure that you are informed at every turn. We have records of every step of your journey, so we can give courtesy calls if your warranty is about to run out, answer your questions about upgrades and provide consultations, and service any repairs that need to be made. We not only have our new system installers, but also a dedicated service team ready to fix any problems that may arise! We are on it, no matter what!

2. Every person you interact with is a W-2 Employee, no outside contractors!

American Solar and Roofing does not outsource any work to call centers for customer service, or subcontractors for construction. You will NEVER be transferred through a long string of “customer service reps” that never can solve your problem. Our project managers, installation crew, and service techs all have decades of experience with projects big and small! All our team is in-house and experts in the role they hold. You are always talking to or working with someone directly employed by the company, who is trained and certified to provide the best service and quality.

3. We back-up our claims! We are an accredited, trusted, and well-respected company.

Don’t you hate when people talk a big talk but don’t have the proof in the pudding to show it?

At American Solar & Roofing, we have 23 yrs of expertise and involvement in our community to show.

Our list of trust marks is extensive: American Solar & Roofing is..

  • a BBB Accredited business with an A+ rating
  • an SRP Preferred Solar Installer
  • SEIA member
  • Registered with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors
  • Top 10 2023 for Solar Installers on Ranking Arizona



Our CEO Joy Seitz is a whistleblower in the solar and renewable energy industry fighting for things to be done the right way. She believes that revolutionary change starts with the customer, and that if your solar or roofing company is not sitting at your kitchen table answering questions and planning the best practice for your home, then the industry has failed you. She has built American Solar & Roofing around these core values that matter. We care about our customers! We want you to have the best product, install, and experience possible. Solar and Roofing Installations are meant to causes for celebration, as you are improving your live and the planet! Our team is hired to know, understand, and heavily vetted to make sure that the customer always knows that American Solar & Roofing wants the best for them. And our company is constantly working to uphold these trust marks, so that our customers can sleep soundly knowing they made the best decision by choosing American Solar & Roofing to not only their Solar and Roofing Installer, but their company for life.



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