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How do I check my Solar System is working properly?

Congratulations! Your choice to invest in the power of the Sun will serve you for decades to come and should be celebrated. But how do you know you are getting the maximum return on your investment?

1. Check the inverter

Your inverter in the “brain” of your system, and the most important component of your system! The inverter acts as the primary connection between the solar panels and the electrical output, so its’ health is critical. Always be sure to check your warranty, and make sure your inverter is up to date. If it is flashing red or has error codes, a service tech from American Solar & Roofing will be able to help you fix any problems promptly. Remember, green is good, orange means a problem detected, and red means a problem with the system. If your inverter is out of warranty, it is always a good idea to upgrade so that you are covered under warranty and current with latest technology.

2. Schedule a routine inspection

Solar can be confusing to anyone besides the experts, and knowing what to look for when checking your system and panels can be complicated to an untrained eye. For peace of mind and quality assurance, schedule your routine inspection so that American Solar & Roofing can provide you with the information needed for you to get the best output of your system. Bill reviews can be requested as well so that you are able to understand your system better.

3. Check for damage/cracks

Regularly inspect your panels for any damage, such as chips or cracks. A professional from the American Solar & Roofing team is available to do this inspection, so that you do not have to get onto the roof. Breaks can cause panel failure and therefore result in output being down, and also can allow water to seep in if not tended to. Yearly system inspections are recommended to ensure your investment is safe.

4. Monitor your Output via your portal

Solar technologies have evolved over the years, and now SMA and Fronius Inverters both have ways for you to monitor your system via your phone. Checking on these regularly will help you identify any issues early on and ensure that your system is working properly.

5. Check for any obstructions

Most commonly, when solar customers have an issue with output it is directly linked to shade. When an obstruction occurs and blocks the solar panel from receiving light, it can reduce the overall performance of the system. This can be tree branches, shade coverings, dust/dirt, poop, etc. If you are unsure what is obstructing output, we can solve that for you.

6. Call with any questions480-994-1440

After 23 years of business, our team at American Solar & Roofing has seen it all! If you have any questions or concerns about your system, our team is always available to answer your questions and schedule a technician to come check and speak with you directly. Remember- we are also roofers, so anytime a repair needs to be made, we are also able to take care of your roof at the same time!


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