Who Do I Contact During my Project?

When working with a construction company, you tend to have a lot of questions. And when you have been in contact with multiple people, it can feel confusing on knowing who to contact. No worries, we are here to help! Click the question type you have below to get to the correct contact!


Customer Experience Manager, 480.941.7420

Your number one contact for most questions about your project including status, timeline, construction questions, etc. will be our Customer Experience Manager! They are the information hub for all things Service, Solar and Roofing. If you need anything from the moment you sign your contract to the moment your system is activated, our Customer Experience Manager is at your service!

Transactional Accounting Specialist, 480.941.7420

For all things related to your projects finances, you will speak with our Transactional Accounting Specialist. They will be able to help if you have any questions about payments, billing or financing.

Inside Solutions Associate, 480.941.7405

Great question! If you are interested in getting your friends set up with American Solar & Roofing, the best contact for you will be our Inside Solutions Associate. They can connect you to your Sales Representative or get your friends set up for their very own free custom solar or roofing quote!

Main Line, 480.994.1440

We try to hit everything but understand that each situation is unique and you may have a question that we haven't thought of! If you need anything else, feel free to call our main line and we will direct you to the best person for the job!

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