American Solar & Roofing AZ What do I do if my solar company went out of business

What Do I Do If My Solar Company Went Out of Business???

My Solar Company has gone out of business, what steps can I take next???

Help! My Solar Company Provider went out of business. What now!?

If you purchased from any of the Solar companies listed below, or a company not listed but has gone out of business in Arizona, you may be what the industry calls an “orphan solar” customer.

Below are just some of the companies that have abandoned thousands of their Arizona customers and gone out of business, or have pulled their business from Arizona:

      1. Ace Solar Systems
      2. ADT Solar (Jan 2024)
      3. Arizona Solar Concepts (September 2023)
      4. Empire Solar Group
      5. Erus Energy (November 2023)
      6. Jet Solar
      7. Petersen-Dean
      8. Salt River Solar & Wind
      9. Solar Direct
      10. Solarworks
      11. Stirling Energy Systems
      12. Sun Harvest (2022)
      13. SunPower- closed all offices in Arizona (Dec 2023)
      14. SUNRUN closed all offices in Arizona. (July 2023)
      15. Titan Solar Power
      16. Vision Solar / Solar Xchange
      17. Zenernet

    We Can Help!

    Give us a call at 480-994-1440 to speak to a team member about how American Solar and Roofing can help.

    Most of these solar companies had fast success in their early years, at the expense of their customers, but ultimately had unsustainable business models and cut around too many corners. Unfortunately, most of these companies vanished without notifying their customers, leaving many with an unfinished installation, a system that has not been activated, or a system that needs updating or service.

    American Solar & Roofing is one of Arizona’s original pioneers of the Solar Industry, and the only licensed and bonded Solar and Roofing contractor with in-house solar installers, service crews, and roofers. We built our business by providing quality solar service and installations and by taking care of our customers, which is why most of our business comes from referrals and return customers! With over 10,000 customers, 22 years in business, and an A+ BBB rating, we are here for you, and able to help if your solar company is out of business.

    We Want to Be Your Solar Company

    Why American Solar & Roofing?

    American Solar & Roofing has excellent customer service, knowledgeable and experienced service and installation crews, and a management team that follows our CEO’s (Joy Seitz) business model of always doing the right thing for our customers and building our business so we can take care of them far into the future. Our 22 years of only doing solar and roofing is a testament in itself, which we back up by being licensed, bonded, insured, and an SRP Preferred Solar Installer.

    A simple transition from your old solar company to your new home at American Solar & Roofing

    We service all major solar manufacturers’ systems, and our technicians can diagnose issues and alarms to help get your system functioning correctly. We can also finish an abandoned install or help get your system hooked up and operational. With just one call to start the process, our team of qualified technicians can assess your system and one of our Service representatives can thoroughly discuss your options so you can make informed decisions and feel comfortable and confident that you’ve made the right decision in going with us.

    Even though your original Solar Company is gone…You made the right choice to go solar!

    After residential solar installations flatlined in 2017, which led to the bankruptcy of many solar companies in 2020 – 2023, solar power in residential and commercial buildings alike has been on the rise. 2023 has been a record-shattering year for U.S. solar power with nearly 33 gigawatts of solar capacity installed across the country. According to the forecasts in the latest Solar Markets Insights report from the Solar Energy Industries Association and Wood Mackenzie, this is a significant leap from the 21 gigawatts installed in 2022 and the largest annual addition of solar in the nation’s history.

    Looking at these numbers, you can rest assured that your decision to invest in solar power for your home or business was the right choice. Solar companies may come and go, but solar power and American Solar & Roofing, who weathered the recession in 2008, the solar flatline in 2017, and the recession of 2022/23 are here to stay, and will be here for you long into the future.

    Let American Solar & Roofing help you maintain and benefit from your solar investment…call us today!

    Call us today to schedule an assessment – we look forward to being your new Solar Company and providing you with the best service in Arizona. NOTE: If your system is leased, you may need to contact your leasing company to gain permission for us to help you. We do it with other leasing companies, just let us know and we can guide you through the process.

    If your solar company went out of business, we can help! Contact us today below.


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