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How much money do solar panels save me?

Are solar panels worth it?

Yes, in most cases, solar panels are worth the investment. With rising utility rates and increased power consumption, you can save anywhere between $25,000 and $100,000 over 25 years. Designing a solar system to your lifestyle requires the assistance of a trained sales associate who understands the energy usage of your home, including your electricity bill and the current electricity rates.  

Will my electric bill still be high with solar panels?

No… Unless you start using a lot more power and do not tell us to design for that. When you work with American Solar and Roofing, we design your system for your lifestyle and energy usage. Why? Because we need to confirm if you are investing in an electric car, a new hot tub, or a new air conditioning system – those investments will change how much electricity you need from solar. Next, depending on the utility area you are in and how you design your system with us, will determine your future energy bills. With that, after 22 years in business we can confirm that solar does save money, our customers tell us daily.

How long does it take for residential solar panels to pay for themselves?

Since solar panels have a warranty of 20 to 25 years, a small payback period is worth it. Right now, we see a return on investment of 7-9 years on average, which means you will have 15+ years of free electricity.

Solar panels will create big savings, if designed correctly.

Ultimately, regardless of whether you’re looking at your finances or resiliency, an American Solar & Roofing solar electric system will generate big savings for you. We have served nearly 10,000 customers and many are returning to us to expand their solar, or install solar on their new home. Our Sales Representatives spend an average of 2 hours consulting with you and asking you the right questions to design a system that will save you money for decades to come.

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