Solar Services

Solar Services

Solar energy is changing the game in a big way. More and more Arizona homeowners and businesses are choosing solar to reduce their energy bills and to support a healthier, more sustainable environment.

Saves You Money

Solar can save you money on your electric bills each and every month.


Going solar costs less than ever.  Contact us for a free quote.


Solar power is a sustainable energy source.  It provides clean guilt free energy for your home.

At American Solar & Roofing, we believe you have the power to choose your energy sources and deserve only the best in experience, expertise, and customer service. It’s why we’re Arizona’s #1 residential solar provider, serving over 7,000 Arizona homeowners in their solar and roofing needs since 2001.


Solar Installations

American Solar & Roofing designs and installs a variety of solar systems to fit your specific needs. We carefully take into account the size of your home, your home’s aesthetic, how much energy you want to offset along with your budget. If you already have solar, we can also expand your system.

We can design and install your system typically in 45 days.

Our expert team of designers and construction managers are dedicated to your project and will be with you every step of the way.

Solar is just plain smart, and it’s simpler and more affordable now than ever before, so why wait?


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