Support Your Local AZ Businesses

Supporting local businesses means supporting our community and the dreams of our neighbors. What’s better than that!? Supporting local Arizona businesses and brands are essential to our local economy. Did you know 44% of Arizona’s workforce is employed by a small business? (You can read more on that here)

As we enter the holiday season, think of your local businesses first when you begin your gift shopping. This year more than ever, we must support our neighbors’ businesses, dreams and livelihoods. The effects of COVID have hurt our small businesses far and wide. With your purchase, you will have a huge impact. For every $100 you spend at a local business, $68 will stay in your local area. (Read more on independent business stats here)

We understand sometimes shopping local is easier said than done. With big box stores surrounding you and their advertisements are everywhere you look, it’s just easy to shop there. Trust us, we get it. When it comes to supporting local businesses, it is sometimes hard to know where to look to find these hidden gems. Seriously, where do we even start?

Luckily, we have the search hub just for you! This website will give you a great start to finding local businesses. Of course, not every small business is listed, so word of mouth is still crucial. If you have a favorite local business, share it! Let your friends, family and neighbors know. Forward them their emails, share their posts on social media. When you spread the love of your local business, you are directly supporting your local economy and your neighbors’ dreams. Local First Arizona has a great majority of wonderful, small and locally owned businesses that you can search for and support.

Local First Arizona was founded to elevate the voices and support independent, locally-owned businesses. They provide resources for small business and serve as a partner for them. From finding local boutiques, to local food, to supporting cities’ “small wonders”, and exploring rural spaces in AZ, Local First Arizona is the site to go to!

To search Local First Arizona for locally- owned small businesses, organized by categories, click this link here!

To visit the home page of Local First Arizona and see all it has to offer, click this link here!


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