Solar Savings: A Happy American Solar Customer Story

It’s not unusual for us to receive an email from an excited customer sharing their solar savings – sometimes you can “hear” the amazement in their voice as they write their solar savings story! This month we received an email from a customer in Mesa, Wally E., expressing excitement over his solar savings. Wally decided to go solar in April 2013 and his system was installed and turned on by July 2013. While we were performing our home evaluation we asked how much of his utility bill he would like to offset with solar – Wally was ready to stop paying SRP and chose to offset his utility bill by 85-90%. The system we designed for his requested off-set was a 14.3 kW solar system for his 4,100 square foot home. It has been a little over eight months now and not a day goes by that he isn’t saving money on his utility bill – solar was a great choice! Since going solar he has purchased an average of 240kWh per month and has earned over 1,000kWh of credit with SRP. But what does he pay SRP per month, you ask? He’s paying about $36 for electricity and about $20 for the meter rental and taxes. That’s about $56 per month to power a 4,100 square foot home with a heated/cooled shop and a swimming pool that requires its pump to run eight hours per night. We’d say $56 is pretty amazing for an electric bill!

Wally was nice enough to share his SRP savings graph (below). The black line represents the temperature outside. The red and blue lines represent energy usage on the Time-of-Use Price Plan. The red line represents on-peak usage and blue represents off-peak usage. All of the red and blue lines below the zero line represents over production meaning, the solar system provided more energy than Wally needed, so now he has a bill credit with SRP.

To sum up Wally’s excitement “ I couldn’t be happier with the system’s performance!!”. And we couldn’t be more happier providing the system to Wally!

Customer Savings Graph
Solar Savings

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