Open Door: A Letter from our CEO

To our Customers, Employees, and Partners:

As a company who has been in the renewable energy and construction industry for nearly 20 years, we have experienced every high and low the market has had to offer, hopefully… Did you know we installed the very first grid-tied solar electric system in Phoenix? Unfortunately, these past few years have tested us. Our processes weren’t great, the market changed faster than I expected, and I was a new CEO with a lot to learn. When I first began at American Solar 10 years ago, we were at the top of the market, we had little competition and the policy was perfect for solar. Then in 2011/2012 when competition increased and policy started shifting, my primary focus was fighting for the industry, attending utility rate cases, finding allies and crafting legislation that would make solar more accessible for Arizona homeowners. We created and led the Arizona Solar Deployment Alliance (ASDA- a solar lobbying group) and worked closely with the utilities and friendly competitors to keep solar viable. We didn’t want the market to shut down as we had recently seen in Nevada. Regrettably, with my focus on the industry as a whole and not on my company, I did not pivot quickly enough and our employees and customers suffered.

Over the last 12 months, I have had many conversations with current and potential employees and customers and I have read the experiences shared online. After taking some time to absorb and reflect, I want to say this: I hear you, I apologize and I am learning from my mistakes. Any financial pain or anguish I have caused, I am sorry. Any project concern that has crept into what should have been a lovely dinner, I am sorry. With that, I want to share with you some of the ways that we have changed and are improving.


1. New Leadership

The #1 stakeholder in our company is our employees – this is my core belief and always has been. To right our wrongs, I knew I needed strong leaders. With that in mind, our company has recently gone through a “refinement” period where I have brought in new leadership with years of experience and have empowered the existing American Solar & Roofing talent to build an even stronger team. From Operations to Human Resources and every department in between, the leadership team has created a vision and works from it every day while we continue to self-evaluate and improve. I am happy to say with this new team, we have stabilized our construction calendar and have heightened accountability to provide our customers with the 5-star experience they deserve.


2. Clear and Proactive Communication 

As a customer, we promise that you will receive clear and regular communication regarding your project. You won’t have to call us because we will call you. However, if you do call us about your project or for service, we guarantee a call back within 1 business day.


3. An Integrity-Driven Work Environment

My top priority is our employees – any issues that have risen and caused concern, I have heard the feedback and will continue to refine our processes so that current and new employees can trust us again. My passion is making sure that my employees, who are neighbors, brothers, sisters, husbands, and wives, feel like they work for a company where they matter and are taken care of as human beings. Whether this is through health benefits, paid maternity/paternity leave or a healthy work/life balance, your happiness and healthiness is my priority.


4. An Open Door

Lastly, whether you are a prospective employee or customer I want you to know that our door is always open. Truly without you, we can’t serve Arizona customers or meet our societal goals. We are proud to be a local small business, industry innovator, and trailblazer in our community. So please, if you have any concerns or are just curious, I would encourage you to stop by to see our office and meet our team. From the construction teams that roll out in the early morning to the salespeople that are building your quotes, it all happens under our roof. You are welcome anytime.


To sum it up, we have hit some hard times as a company, but we will not fail – not just for us or our employees, but for our customers. We made a commitment to be here when a solar system needs servicing or a roof needs repair and we intend to honor that commitment. As a human, I know I will make mistakes and it is how I handle and resolve those mistakes that matter. I am actively working to right our wrongs, learn from your feedback and evolve to better serve all of you. Thank you for hearing me and I hope to see you soon!


Now, let’s go change the world.


Joy E. Seitz
President & CEO





Photo (from left to right): Bonnie Rueb- Human Resources Manager, Nick Wright- Solar Superintendent, Brad Robertson- Roofing Division Manager, Rob Hileman- Service Manager, Darcy White- Director of Operations, Brittany Lucero- Sales & Marketing Manager, Joy Seitz- President & CEO

Post by Brittany Lucero

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