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Your buyers want the power of choice.

More and more buyers are asking for solar. Whether they’re young first-timers or seasoned homeowners in the market for a new build, today's buyers are savvy. They want to save money and join the march toward sustainability with an efficient, durable, long-lasting solar electric system as part of their new home purchase.

That means American Solar & Roofing is your perfect partner. With more than a decade in business and 4,000 residential installations statewide, we have a performance track record that is unmatched.

Plus, we make it easy for home builders to realize the competitive advantage residential solar electric systems provide in any new community. Through our "Solar Made Simple" program, we provide you with professional staff to handle:

  • Sales training and marketing support
  • Plan set and engineering design
  • Local government permits
  • Utility applications
  • Trade coordination and quality control
  • Inspections and commissioning
  • Warranties and customer service

We’ll help you as you help your buyers through the maze of incentives and tax credits.

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