What happens during a roof evaluation?

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Here are some of the services we complete during a roof evaluation

Tile Roofs:

  • We pull the tile and inspect the underlayment to see the condition.
  • Evaluate tiles, mud balls, and mortar joints
  • Measure Tiles

Shingle Roofs:

  • Check for deterioration & granule loss
  • Cracking of shingles

Flat Roofs:

  • Inspect for cracking and ponding

ALL Roofs:

  • Check valleys, hips, ridges, crickets, penetrations, pipes, T-tops, vents, etc.
  • Make sure the house was roofed correctly, confirm base and secondary flashings are there
  • Signs of leaking or dry rot on facia & plywood overhangs
  • Mold & mildew build up

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