What out customers are saying



— Joan and Kevin S. (Chandler)

"We saved over $1300 in our first year with solar! Electric only goes up in price — we know that — in the end, solar saves our environment and our pocketbook! Great investment!!"

— The Maybacks (Yuma)

"American Solar & Roofing, I Just wanted to thank you for the birthday card we received in the mail. Your solar electric system has worked great these last two years. We paid a total of just under $450.00 for the whole year and most of that was just to be connected to the grid. Our electric bill is the one bill we no longer fear opening each month. Thank you so much."

— Peter J., VMD, Ph.D. (Tucson)

"Well, let me tell you the big news. You were way off in your estimate, which was that the installation would produce 88% of our requirements. It produces more than 100%. Our bills have been $7.51 for the connection charge to the grid, except for the last 4 months when they were 0 due to payback. This obviously is terrible and hard to take. Looks like payback will be sooner than expected, so seriously we are extremely pleased and would urge everyone who reads this to get on board and go solar!"

— Roy H. (Mesa)

"Just want to let you know I haven’t had a power bill for six months. Thank you very much."

— Jim J. (Goodyear)

"I figured my yearly cost for electricity from February 2009 until January 2010 and it was $2063.11. Figuring the same period for thispast 12 months, the cost for my electricity was $46.14. I have 39 panels and the majority of my electric usage is for air conditioning. As you know, cooling off a 3400 square feet home with high ceilings takes quite a bit of power. I have the utmost respect for your company and I will always tell people how your company managed the installation from beginning to end. Thanks again."

— Julie S. (Peoria)

"This is my second home with solar from American Solar & Roofing and I’m thrilled beyond words. This year I anticipate not having to buy any electricity! The previous owners of this house were on the equalizer for $300 month. The only other energy savings product I added to the house were sunscreens. Needless to say, I’m thrilled. Additionally my first house with solar I’ve rented out. The renters love the fact that it has solar and really enjoy the savings."

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