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Now you can choose how you power your home. Sure, you can stick with the old way – paying whatever the power company charges. But why would you, when you can go solar and slash your cost per kilowatt hour in half and lock in your low rate for 20 years?

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Choose American Solar & Roofing

American Solar & Roofing is Arizona’s #1 residential solar installer. We’ve installed more systems by kilowatt than any other installer in the state.

  • Over 4,500 systems installed in Arizona
  • Workmanship and production guaranteed
  • In business since 2001
  • Licensed roofing contractors

Choose American Solar & Roofing

American Solar - Start Saving with Solar

Solar: The Power of Choice

For most of us, the decision to go solar depends on two things:

  • Will it lower my monthly electric bill?
  • Can I afford the up-front costs?

The answer to both questions is YES. Solar is the best way to bring down monthly energy costs. And with a mix of financing options, tax credits and incentives, it’s a smart investment.

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